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Monthly Promotions

Lucky Catch $100k Give-Away!


Fridays & Saturdays, June 1st-July 28th, 7pm-11pm, 6 Winners Per Night, 20 points per ticket, 7:15pm & 7:45pm- $299, 8:30pm $399, 9:15pm & 9:45pm $499, 10:45pm $599. There will also be two larger drawings. On Saturday, July 14th at 11pm a jet ski and on Saturday, July 28th, at 11pm a 4×4 Quad will be given away from the ticket drum. Persons may only win one time per person on each drawing night, with the exception of the grand prize drawing nights. On July 14 and July 28th individuals can win one cash prize and the grand prize. Only one grand prize per person during this promotional period. No consolations prizes with this promotion. Cash option is available in lieu of the jet ski and Quad. Management reserves all rights.

2 FOR $200 Points Raffle Drawings 8 pm  – 2 winners each hour of $200 POINTS. One prize per person one each event night on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Management Reserves All Rights.

Top Gear Tuesdays and Thursdays -  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm one winner will be drawn and that individual will win a Top Gear Outdoor prize (solar patio umbrella valued at $250 on Tuesdays and a patio dining set valued at $350 on Thursdays. One of each prize will be on display. The winner has the choice of taking the cash value of the prize or the actual top gear prize. If they choose the top gear prize, that item will be ordered for them on the next business day. The last two winners on the last week of July will not have a cash option and must take the top gear prize. Winners may only win one of each top gear prize umbrella or dinning set. If their name is called a second time they will receive up to one consolation prize per person. Consolation prize amounts are based on their current 3 month tiering period. Platinum = $100 points, Gold = $75 points, Silver = $50 points and all other receive $30 points. Winners may only win one time per night either the 2 for 200 or the top gear prize. Duplicate wins will also call for the tiered consolation prize. Only one consolation prize per night.  Winners have one minute to present themselves at the casino stage or their win will be void and another name will be called. Management reserves all rights.

Mondays- Summer Gear- Every Monday, players that earn 100 points can receive either an American Flag canvas beach bag or a Collapsible Caribbean Cooler. Each guest over the course of the month may earn one of each 2 items (while supplies last). Available to all Player’s Club members 21 and older. Their card must be reading and functioning correctly for points to be accumulated.  Management Reserves All Rights.

24th Anniversary Hotseats – On July 11th , Celebrate at Konocti Vista Casino with 24th Anniversary Hotseats from 2pm to 10pm, 24 people will each win $50 CASH at random times during this period.  Must be a Players Club member actively playing with a card in the machine to have the opportunity to win. Winner chosen by random computer draw. Only one win per person. Management Reserves All Rights.

Hot, Hot, Hot Seats- Every Sunday, June 3rd-July 29th, 10 Winners Per Day, 11am-4pm (two winners per hour), $25 in points per person, can only win once per day management reserves all rights.

Scratchers continue (while supplies last)
Konocti Vista Casino Resort is under construction, but we won’t be for long! Celebrate our nearly-completed expansion with scratchers! Earn 50 points on a Tuesday or Thursday in May to earn a scratcher. The guest will scratch off the cover to reveal their prize of:
-    Version 1 Prize: $500 CASH!
-    Version 2 Prize: $250 POINTS!
-    Version 3 Prize: $25 Free Play!
-    Version 4 Prize: $10 Free Play!
-    Version 5 Prize: $10 Food Certificate!
-    Version 6 Prize: KVC T-Shirt!
-    Version 7 Prize: KVC Sport Water Bottle!
-    Version 8 Prize: $5 Free Play! 

Limit of one per week for all players except for Platinum, Gold and Silver Members. These members may earn up to two a week (one on Tuesday and one on Thursday). All must be players club members to participate. Promotion good as long as 2 for $200 Points Raffle Drawings 8 pm and 9pm – 2 winners each hour of $200 POINTS. One prize per person one each event night on Tuesday and Thursdays in April. The raffle tickets for this will be the same tickets for the major promotion and the tickets will NOT be returned to the drum. Management reserves all rights.

Monday Early Bird Seniors Only Point Drawings:

Monday Nights we will draw 3 winners at 5pm. This event is only for individuals 50 and older. Each winner will receive $200 in Points. One win per person, per Monday. Must be age 50 or older to win and be a Players Club Member.

Drawing tickets for Monday Early Bird will be issued at a rate of only 1 per day when the guest earns 10 points. These tickets are different in color and style than the major monthly cash promo and will be put in a designated drawing drum for this promotion.

Each person with a name drawn will have 2 minutes to make their presence known to the staff running the drawing. Players Club staff can end this drawing if 3 individuals are not found present after 30 minutes of attempted drawings. Management reserves all rights.

Daily Matchplays or Dollar Stretchers!!!

dollarstretcher2017Play your favorite games daily to earn tickets to monthly promotions! Bonus Plays: Wednesday Dollar Stretcher and Super Saturday Dollar Stretcher.  Go to the Player’s Club and give the host a $20 and they will load $30 to your Players Club card. Must be a member of the Player’s Club. (Promotional Dollars are non-refundable). Management Reserves All Rights

Monday – Seniors Day 10/10. For those individuals 50 and older. (Labor Day Sept. 4th excluded. Dollar Stretcher instead).

Tuesdays – 10/10 Tuesdays Matchplay available once per person to Player’s Club members 18 and older.

Wednesday – Dollar Stretcher, purchase $20 in EZ Kash and have $30 added to your Player’s Club card.

Thursday – Throwback Thursday $10 Matchplay available to all Player’s Club members.

Thursday – Purchase 3 alcoholic beverages in the Point Bar and receive a $10 for $10 Matchplay coupon.

Friday Funday 10/10. Open to all Player’s Club members 18 and older.

Saturday – Dollar Stretcher, purchase $20 in EZ Kash and have $30 added to your Player’s Club card.

Sunday – Super Sundays 10/10 Matchplay.

Sunday – Purchase 3 alcoholic beverages in the Point Bar and receive a $10 for $10 Matchplay coupon.

Open to all Player’s Club members 18 and older. Must be a member of the Player’s Club to participate in Matchplays.   


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